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Photographer Perfectly Places iPhone Photos (28 Pics)

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he tried to be slick smh.
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he tried to be slick smh.

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So someone swapped in the Attack on Titan theme on the opening for Sailor Moon Crystal and this was the result.

Holy shit

do most anime openings got like a pacing system going on? cuz when I was in the 10th grade I tried swapping the 2nd Naruto opening with the OP music from at least 6 different animes and every single one of them worked flawlessly

they actually do, they’re very formulaic.

This is too perfect.

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Street art: Beautifully decorated and painted Steps by ROA

  1. Fish steps, Seoul, South Korea
  2. Rose steps in Tehran, Iran
  3. Piano steps in Valparaiso, Chile
  4. Steps in Beirut, Lebanon
  5. Pink steps in Capri
  6. 16 Avenue Tiled Steps in San Francisco
  7. Floral steps in Sicily, Italy
  8. Stairs of Peace in Syria

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